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Since 1980, Sturzenbecker Construction Company has been providing clients with on time and cost effective projects, all at a level of quality that is unparalleled in the industry.

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Pre Construction

We offer planning and engineering services prior to the start of a project that help to define the project, identify potential issues, establish a schedule, define the scope of work, provide an initial budget and identify the resources that will be needed to complete the project. This is a valuable service as it assists our clients in determining if their project is viable prior to spending a lot of time and money on fully designing and bidding the project.


Decisions made early on in the construction of a new building or the purchase and renovation of an existing building are vitally important for the success of the project. No decision is more important than selecting the right site as it has an effect on almost every aspect of the design and construction process. Our experienced staff can help you to:

+ Verify that the site that is selected is suitable for its intended use.

+ Identify potential problems with a site that could affect the cost and scheduling of the project and recommend solutions.

+ Provide information and communications that will lead to realistic expectations.

+ Use established selection procedures while thinking outside the box at the same time.


The fastest growing method of construction project delivery today is Design/Build because it is proven to save the Owner time and money. Our staff teams with our experienced Architectural and Engineering consultants and quality subcontractors to provide our Clients with greater speed, innovation, collaboration and cost savings versus other construction delivery methods. When we are responsible for both the design and construction of the project the two phases can overlap which result in a shorter schedule and a lower cost for our Clients.


As a General Contractor our experienced staff expertly manage the following responsibilities at a competitive price:

+ Ensuring the overall safety and security of the job site is most important.

+ Provide daily site supervision and project management to co-ordinate all.

+ Procure and schedule all material, labor and equipment required to complete the project.

+ Recycle as much waste as practical and insure all waste created by the project is legally disposed.

+ Work closely with the Owner’s design team to identify potential conflicts in the construction documents and request additional information in a timely manner as needed.

+ Provide insurance coverage and payment and performance bonds for the project to meet the requirements of the Owner and Lender.

+ Ensure that all the project costs are paid in a timely manner.

+ Provide insurance coverage and payment and performance bonds for the project to meet the requirements of the Owner and Lender.

+ Ensure that all the project costs are paid in a timely manner.

+ Engage and manage quality minded Subcontractors as required by the project scope of work.

+ Co-ordinate timely inspections by local authorities and special inspectors to ensure the ongoing work meets or exceeds the requirements of the construction documents for quality and code compliance.

+ Managing the project schedule to ensure the completed project is delivered on or ahead of schedule.

+ Solicitation and management of temporary and permanent utility installations.

+ Timely communications with all parties who have an interest in the project.

+ Provide daily site supervision and project management to co-ordinate all aspects of the project.

+ Complete all final inspections, certificate of occupancy inspections and punch list items in a timely manner.


Our experienced team will work closely with our Clients to manage:

+ All pre-construction work including site selection, budgeting and scheduling.

+ Collaboration with the Client’s design team to provide input as to product selection, construction methods and value engineering.

+ Final closeout of the project including Certificates of Occupancy, lien waivers, warranties O & M manuals, as built drawings and other closeout documents as required.

+ Solicitation of bids from quality minded, dependable Contractors, Subcontractors and vendors, then advising our Client as to which offer the best value.

+ Issuing progress reports and communications to keep all interested parties up to date on the status of the project.

+ Quality control, safety and inspections.

+ Establishment and maintenance of the project schedule.

+ All parties who are involved in the construction of the project to ensure that the project is on time, on budget and completed to the satisfaction of the Owner.

Butler Builder

Pre-engineered and
Hybrid Metal Buildings

Since 2006, Sturzenbecker Construction Co., Inc. has been the local source for high quality Butler Metal Buildings and products. Many new construction projects can benefit from the advantages of pre-engineered buildings such as lower initial cost, shorter construction schedules, lower maintenance and greater value over the life of the building. Butler Buildings can meet or exceed all current energy conservation requirements, are flexible in design and can be tailored to fit just about any need including office, retail, industrial, warehouses, manufacturing, churches, schools, mini storage and many others.<br /> Visit Butler Buildings website to learn more.

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